Does A Paid Cup Of Coffee Taste Better Than A Free One?

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Paying for our purchases with cold, hard cash hurts!

Why is this so? Let us look at how one cup of coffee led to a revealing discovery in consumer science.

Avni Shah, an assistant marketing professor, relies on a latte for a morning fix. Her routine is simple. She walks into a coffee shop, orders her usual cup of joe, and swipes her card.

These steps were automatically embedded into her daily regimen - as if her morning was on repeat. However, she forgot her debit card one day. Forced to take a break from her routine, she paid for her coffee by counting her cash. As she sipped her warm cup of coffee, she felt a significant difference. The cup that she paid for cash seemingly tasted better!

Don Juanism: A Peek Into The World Of Womanizers

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Womanizing is prevalent in my immediate microsystem. Several of my family members, friends, and co-workers have succumb to temptation. How many of you can utter the same sentiment? I know I am not the only one!

In the span of my crucial teenage years, I began to accept that womanizing is somewhat of a norm. I was young and impressionable. Further exposure to a diverse macrosystem enlightened my path to the complexities of casual and polygamous relationships. My innate exposure to this type of lifestyle made me curious about the possible roots of male sexual promiscuity.

As I was examining a particular case, I vividly recalled the riveting lecture given by my undergraduate professor. He stressed that some men repress their homosexual tendencies by participating in revolving sexual conquests with the opposite gender. He introduced it as the "Don Juan Syndrome" or Don Juanism. It is one of the possible explanations behind the actions of womanizers.

How Does The "Beauty Premium" Affect Your Salary

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We have all got that one friend who seems to have it all – conventionally possessing good looks and a well-paying job. Not to mention, the countless romances that come their way. At least in the professional sense, physical appearance is a huge factor.  

Economists have long studied the “beauty premium”, a phenomenon which posits that those who are relatively more attractive are paid more. This is regardless if the physical appearance is irrelevant to their line of work or performance. Nevertheless, looks can only take you so far as specific qualities help to bring a bigger pay check back home. 

Debunking Popular Myths Surrounding Introverts

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Open your eyes and observe diverse human interactions. Notice how many people make countless assumptions about introverts. I have to be honest with you. Most of these assumptions are unpleasant and negative. Introverts are portrayed by the media as aloof, snob, weird, or odd individuals. They carry these assumptions without justification. I, for one, am tired of this narrow-minded way of thinking. 

In behalf of my fellow introverts, here is a PSA. May it shed a glistening light on the subject at hand.


There is an abundance of stereotypes posed on introverts. For starters, they are perceived to be socially anxious and judgmental. This may sound shocking to you, but introverts like other people. They simply favor the quality over the quantity of relationships. Introverts prefer cultivating a small group of trusted friends rather than exploring the possibilities of having a larger network of acquaintances. 

Picture a company Christmas party where all employees are mandated to come. You will most likely catch an introvert from the sidelines. The extroverted boss may interpret this as not wanting to join in the fun, but observation is enjoyable for an introvert. Some people may misinterpret the act of observation as the act of judgment. 

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